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Imbued forging allows you to imbue cards into forged weapons by a Blacksmith class.

It works similar to the traditional way of inserting cards, with the difference that the effectiveness of the card is not 100% guaranteed.



  • This service is only for Blacksmith Class.
  • You can only imbue a forged weapon.
  • You can only imbue a type of card in specific.
  • The process is permanent.
  • Cards are destroyed. However, the process cannot fail.
  • Weapon Lv 1 & 2 have 4 card slots.
  • Weapon Lv 3 & 4 have 2 card slots.
  • The bonus will be as Random Option.
  • Effectiveness is a random between 75-100%.

Elegible Cards

The card pool is limited. Only the following cards are elegible to imbue:

Card List
4005.png Santa Poring Card
4030.png Mandragora Card
4049.png Vadon Card
4062.png Anacondaq Card
4065.png Kaho Card
4069.png Drainliar Card
4085.png Orc Skeleton Card
4130.png Scorpion King Card
4202.png Mao Guai Card
4007.png Peco Peco Egg Card
4035.png Hydra Card
4060.png Goblin Card
4063.png Caramel Card
4068.png Scorpion Card
4080.png Flora Card
4111.png Strouf Card
4118.png Earth Petite Card

How To

Go to Geffen Blacksmith's Guild (179,61)


At the entrance talk to Meister Brigid.


She will ask you if you want to use her services or get more information.

If you choose to proceed, a list will open with the forged weapons in your inventory:


Once you select the desired weapon to imbue, a list will open again with the elegible cards in your inventory:


Select the card and the amount of it and you will get the imbued weapon.


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