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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to play x1 on a private server?

On our server this is possible thanks to the difficulty system. Choose between playing in normal mode or in hard mode and adjust your game experience in exchange for rewards.



  • Monster drop rate +40%.
  • Rewards at Lv 99.
  • Distinguished player name's color.
  • Slightly increased chance of getting rare items.
  • Base EXP reduced to x1.
  • Job EXP reduced to x1.
  • Quest EXP reduced to x1.
  • Exp death penalty 3% (unavoidable)

Rewards at Lv 99

If you manage to reach level 99 while in Hard Mode you will be rewarded with Kafra Points (Free Cash Points). In addition to an exclusive costume headgear.

Class Kafra Points
Lv 99 Normal 750 pts
Lv 99 Rebirth 1500 pts

Note: To learn more about Kafra Points read this article.


  • Hard Mode players can party with normal characters, however, the experience gained will still be x1.
  • Character must deal at least 50% damage to the monster to get the drop bonus.
    • This also applies to homunculi and mercenaries.
  • Hard Mode is permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • Exp penalization on death cannot be prevented by VIP or Insurance Life.

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