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0cjLiPk.png Server Rates
Base EXP x5
Job EXP x5
Quest EXP x5
MvP EXP x3
-- --
Item Drop x5
MvP Drop x3
Card Drop x5
Boss Card Drop x1
Add Drop (eg. Myst Case) x3
1wpPE5G.png Server Info
Max Lv 99/70
Episode 11.3 Nameless Cursed Abbey
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190 (+1 by bonus)
Party Share Limit 15 Levels
Party Share Bonus +10% per member
Party Size 16 members
Security Gepard Shield
Datacenter Virginia, US
Multi Client 3 client max

24O1cAG.png Player vs Player
Battlegrounds 3.0
PK System Disabled
Guild Cap (in castles) To be defined
Guild Alliance Disabled


wKwJl5C.png Available NPCs
Reset Girl
Card Remover
Branch Room
g7qqrVq.png Available Commands
@lgp @square @refresh @showexp @showexpwp
@noks @autoloot @alootid @autotrade @afk
@whereis @whodrops @mi @ii @whosell
@duel @accept @invite @changegm @mastery
@listenbg @listenpet @request @time