Dimensional Rift System

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Dimensional Rift are maps that are generated every hour. They are an exact copy of a field/dungeon with the difference that monsters inside are in a Fury State so their statuses are increased by 30%.



Every hour a field/dungeon is cloned randomly for 1h.

Inside the Rift monsters will be more powerful but you will gain more rewards upon defeating them:

  • Monster attributes +30% (except Agi/Flee).
  • Monster experience +35%.
  • Monster drop rate +20%.
  • Autoloot is disabled.

How to get

When a Rift is opened, a global announcement will appear along with a warhorn sound.


You can click on the cordinates from the message to automatically open the Navigation Window and find the route to the Rift (in case you don't know how to get there).


Once you get there you will see a dark portal, they are usually next to the warp portal to the original map.


To enter to the Rift you need to click on the Dimensional Rift NPC and select Venture into Dimensional Rift.


You will notice that you are inside the Rift because a countdown to the remaining time will appear above, a skull image will appear right-bottom corner, and monsters will have a fury red aura.


Dimensional Rift List

The following maps are elegible to be cloned:

Map List
Payon Cave F2
Payon Cave F3
Payon Cave F4
Abyss Lakes F3
Ant Hell F2
Kokomo Beach
Amatsu Dungeon F3
Undersea Tunnel B4
Coal Mine F3
Prontera Culvert F4
Abbey F1
Abbey F2
Abbey F3
Einbroch Dungeon F2
Geffen Dungeon F3
Chivalry F1
Glastheim Sew F3
Gonryun Dungeon F1
Ice Cave F1
Nogg Road F2
Odin Temple F2
Odin Temple F3
Orc Dungeon F1
Orc Dungeon F2
Pyramid F4
Sphinx F4
Sunken Ship F2
Thor Volcano F1
Toy Factory F2
Turtle Dungeon F3


  • Q. If a cloned field/dungeon has an MvP, will it spawn?
  • A. Yes, respawn timers are independant from original map, so every monster will spawn instantly when the Rift is generated.
  • Q. If the MvP of the original map is dead, will it spawn dead as well when the Rift is generated?
  • A. No, the MvP will spawn alive.
  • Q. What happens if I'm inside the Rift when the time is over?
  • A. You will be teleported to your Save Point.
  • Q. Does the Hard Mode drop rate bonus stack with Rift drop rate bonus?
  • A. Yes, it does.

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