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Many of us understand what it means to play on a server with our experience rates. It's a significant commitment in terms of availability and time. That's why at RagnaHeim, we offer a VIP membership system that provides a range of benefits to all your game accounts.


VIP members will receive the following benefits:

  • Base EXP +30%.
  • Job Exp +30%.
  • Death penalty 0%. (Only normal mode)
  • Character slots +5.
  • Master Storage with 600 slots.
  • Normal Storage +100 slots.
  • NPC Discounts:
    • Warper 25% discount.
    • Healer 25% discount.


You can purchase your membership in the Cash Shop or Voting Shop.

Cash Shop


Voting Shop

You can only buy a 7-day VIP membership in the Voting Shop at a cost of 112 points.
You can earn 8 pts every 24h, 56 pts in a week and 112 pts in two weeks.


If you are new to RagnaHeim you will be given a VIP membership with a duration of 36h!


  • Q. Does VIP apply to the Master Account?
    • A. Yes, if you have 5 game accounts your 5 accounts will receive the VIP.
  • Q. What happens if I create a game account and I had an active membership?
    • A. Your new account will get the remaining VIP time.
  • Q. Can I use a VIP ticket if I already have an active membership?
    • A. Yes, membership time is additive

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