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Last update [01/10/2023]

We encourage all of our players to report breaches of the rules. However, we ask that you try to resolve the issue among yourselves before reporting it to the GM team.
These rules are subject to change and will be updated as deemed appropriate.


The following rules are the main ones. Failure to comply could result in a permanent account ban:

  • RMT (Real Money Transactions) is allowed, however the Staff is not responsible for fraud or scams. Do it at your own risk. Regarding the RMT you must adhere to the following regulations:
    • Do not try to sell your items/services on public channels #main, #trade, etc.
    • Do not try to sell your items/services in the general chat.
    • Do not try to sell your items/services on public Discord channels.
    • Do not try to sell your items/services on the Forum.
    • Any breach of the above mentioned will be silenced and penalized. If you have something to report, please contact the Staff, either directly or through a support ticket on Discord.
  • Don't automate game-play. This includes and is not limited to using third party tools and macro software, or placing a weight on your keyboard to press the keys for you. Any use of auto-teleport scripts, auto-pots, auto-farming scripts and the like is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't impersonate GM. This includes the inappropriate use of homunculi and pet names.
  • Don't make statements for a GM. You should never misinform players by pretending a GM said something.
  • Do not advertise other servers. It is allowed to talk about official servers, but not to actively promote them.
  • Don't abuse bugs. Report them immediately to any GM through the forum, or directly through the game, or on our Discord.
  • Don't bypass the two-client restrictions on WoE/BG/PvP maps and Events (if applicable). This includes means such as the use of a virtual machine, a second computer, spoofing, or any other method. Players caught using such means will be penalized.
  • Please do not spread baseless accusations against Game Masters.
  • Any chargebacks on donations through will result in account suspension.
    • If you want your account to be brought back in good standing, you must either cancel the chargeback if the case has not yet been decided, or resubmit the original payment for the Cash Points you received.

Failure to comply with any other rule will result in the appropriate sanction, which may or may not include a permanent ban.

  • Don't scam other players. Do not attempt to deceive or defraud any player, for example by trying to pass one item off as another or using misleading shop titles. Any such action may result in a permanent ban.
    • Account sharing is discouraged and you are fully responsible for the actions of whoever is playing on your account or device.
    • Loaning items or zeny to other players is done at your own risk.
    • In all cases, disputed items and characters will be permanently lost and will not be returned.
  • Do not disturb other players. This applies to PvM, PvP, and social interactions.
  • Be respectful. This applies to players, Staff, the server, other people's opinions, etc. You can argue for yourself, but please be respectful when doing so.
  • Punishment and conflict resolution must be kept private between the penalized player and the GM team.
  • Penalties are subject to the discretion of the Staff. Any form of interrogation after the Staff has reached a resolution of the sanctioned party or a third party may lead to a sanction.
  • The Staff is not responsible if you sell a valuable item to NPC or if it is dropped on the ground. You are fully responsible for them.
  • The rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it's not specifically mentioned doesn't mean it's allowed. Please use common sense.


  • Name calling, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing, or any other offensive comments may result in punishment. This applies to all chats, including #main and store names.
  • Do not use inappropriate names for your character. The same goes for your pet's name, homunculus name, party name, guild name/title, and guild emblem.
  • Do not beg for items or zeny from players or GMs. Asking for help is fine, but simply asking for items or zeny is not.
  • Do not impersonate other players or try to assume their identity in any other way.
    • Impersonating the identity of the Staff, Player or System may end in the banning of the account.
  • Do not harass other players. Harassment is defined as unwanted attention, including repeated messages, stalking, blackmail, and related behavior.
    • You can block the player from sending you messages using /ex-player.
    • If the above command is of limited help and someone continues to exhibit adverse behavior of this nature, please file a report on the Forum or open a Ticket on our Discord.
  • It is your responsibility to use @noask or /notrade on WoE/PVP/BG maps.
  • Do not spam any of the channels.
  • Do not post or share unacceptable content (offensive content streams, NSFW on Discord).
  • Do not discuss politics, religion, real-world financial investments, or sexually explicit topics.
  • Do not discuss or participate in a conversation about other private servers in public.
  • Use the appropriate channels:
    • #party: If you are looking for a group.
    • #trade: If you are trying to sell or buy items or services.
    • #main: For casual chats.
  • Do not set absurd prices to reserve your Vending spot.
  • You are allowed to open a shop/chatroom anywhere, except for these restrictions:
    • Do not open a chatroom to Buy/Sell/Trade in Main Office or Prontera.
    • Do not open a chat in the middle of Prontera.
    • Do not block the visibility of an NPC or a portal. You will be expelled.
    • Do not open a shop near the spawn points of the cities. You will be expelled.
      • 'Leeches' are not endorsed by the Staff, but if you want to organize such services, please do so on #trade or on Discord and exclude RMT advertising.


  • MvPs and Mini-Bosses are considered free-for-all.
  • MvPs summoned such as Thanatos or Ktullanux are not considered free-for-all.
  • Do not use abilities to prevent others from participating in killing an MvP or playing the game as intended. Here are some common examples:
    • Do not use Warp Portal to try to get players to be warped.
    • Do not use Pneuma on the mob to prevent others from hitting the mob.
    • Do not use Safety Wall on the mob to prevent others from hitting the mob.
    • Don't deliberately rude-attack the MvP to get him to teleport.
    • Do not use any type of reflect to make the MvP teleport.
  • Do not hit monsters belonging to another player (kill steal). A monster belongs to another player if he is attacking or following it.
    • MvPs are excluded from this rule.
    • Event Mobs are free-for-all.
    • GM events are free-for-all, unless otherwise directed by the GM.
    • Homunculus must also follow these rules. Make sure it is not set to KS mode (AzzyAIConfig > Homunculus Tactics > Kill-steal > Never).
    • Use @noks to prevent other players from killing or stealing the monster you are attacking or tanking.
  • Do not grief normal monsters, preventing another player from killing them (healing the monster, casting Pneuma or Safety Wall on it).
  • Do not "stack" monsters. If you choose to attract a large number of monsters, you must kill them in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Don't drop monsters on other players. This rule applies even if the player is AFK.
    • This also applies if you have aggro mob following you and you fly close to another player killing them.
  • Do not farm while AFK (this includes macros, using Reflect gear, etc.). You must be actively interacting with the game while farming.
    • Being AFK, we also imply alt-tapping to watch a movie, play in another client, chat with another person, etc.
  • Use @autoloot and make sure you have enough inventory space to prevent other players from taking your items.
    • Loot that falls to the ground becomes free for all once the 3 second loot protection expires.


  • Do not use two clients in Battlegrounds.
  • No AFK in Battlegrounds.
  • Don't mess up the Battlegrounds, like losing matches on purpose.
  • Do not sell "carry services" for Battlegrounds.

Game Modification/Client

  • Do not automate the game. The use of macros and third-party software is strictly prohibited, as is placing a weight on the keyboard to press the keys for you. This includes and is not limited to the installation of auto-teleport scripts, auto-pots and auto-farming scripts. Players who automate tasks in any way may be permanently banned.
    • If you notice another player using third-party tools, please report it immediately to a GM online in-game or on Discord. Do not broadcast your findings or suspicions in public, such as on the #main channel.
    • If there are no GMs available, create a Ticket on Discord and include as many details as possible (such as map name, class, or casted skills). Replays containing this information are appreciated, but are not required for us to begin investigating the case. The sooner you submit your report, the faster we can act.
  • Do not modify your game client.
    • Editing of GRF is not endorsed or supported by the Staff, as such edits may break the game installation.
    • The only supported mods are those available in our Downloads section.