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To reward the online activity of our players, the Presence Points system was developed. These points are bounded to the players' accounts and can be exchanged for consumable items in the Presence System Shop.


There is a counter located next to the Cash Shop Button and Mini-Map that displays a countdown timer and your current Presence Points.


Every 30 minutes you will be rewarded with points, the amount of it will depend if you are Online, AFK State or VIP.

Points earned every 30 mins

State Normal VIP
Online 2 pts 4 pts
AFK 1 pt 2 pts
  • You can accumulate a maximum of 300 points.
    • If you reach the limit you will stop earning points until you spend them.
  • Points are stored in the account and not in the character.

AFK Mode

In RagnaHeim, we have implemented a special command called @afk to safeguard your presence points. This command enables you to disconnect from your account while keeping your character online, ensuring that you continue to earn points (keep in mind the amount of points earned is reduced in this mode).


  • This command works like @at command.
  • You can't login any other character from the same account while @afk mode.
  • You can only use this command in Towns.
  • You can have a maximum of 2 accounts in @afk mode per PC.

Presence Points Shop

You can open the shop in any map (except PvP/GvG/BG maps), by clicking the Presence Icon located next to the Cash Shop icon.


Shop List

Item Cost
12210.png Bubble Gum +5% 80 pts
12263.png Field Manual 50% 36 pts
14592.png Job Manual 50% 18 pts
12216.png Lv 10 Agi Scroll 5 pts
12215.png Lv 10 Blessing Scroll 5 pts
12211.png Kafra Card 5 pts
7060.png Ticket for Kafra Teleportation 3 pts
  • Items purchased in the store are linked to your account.

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