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Power Ups consist of a series of accessories that are equipped in Shadow Accesory part.

As their name indicates, they are improvements that you can get for your character.


Within the Power Ups there are 2 types: Utility (Left Shadow Accesory) and Improvement (Right Shadow Accesory)

Crafting Cost

The crafting cost of the accessories is the same for each type, except for the card and the slotted accessory that it requires.

To craft them you must talk to Artisan in the second floor of the Main Office.


Power Ups list

Name Effect Card required Accesory required Position
28512.png Fly Wing Clip - If the wielder has Teleport skill, Fly Wing item is not consumed on use. 4040.png Creamy Card 2607.png Clip [1] Left Shadow Accesory
2890.png Agility Brooch - Max. ASPD +1 (191) 4027.png Kukre Card 2625.png Brooch [1] Right Shadow Accesory
7888.png Magic Weight Bag - Overweight status starts at 70%. 4038.png Zombie Card 16001.png Red Square Bag [2] Left Shadow Accesory
12548.png Merchant License - Enables Lv 10 Discount and Lv 10 Overcharge. 4073.png Pirate Skeleton Card 2618.png Matyr's Leash [0] Left Shadow Accesory
25181.png Arch Bishop Rosary - Blessing and Increase Agi have a 5x5 splash area on cast.
- Doesn't affects monsters.
4235.png Christmas Cookie Card 2626.png Rosary [1] Right Shadow Accesory
28411.png Cardinal Earring - Increases the duration of Increase Agi, Blessing, Angelus, Magnificat, Gloria, Impositio Manus and Suffragium in 50% on cast. 4293.png Cookie Card 2622.png Earring [1] Right Shadow Accesory
7815.png Soul Ascetic Ring - Increases the duration of all Soul Link Spirit in 50% on cast. 4208.png Miyabi Doll Card 2621.png Ring [1] Right Shadow Accesory

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