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The Menu System is a unique server feature that allows you to access a special menu where you can configure parameters for your account and character, as well as view information such as: Server Time, VIP Status, Race of the Day, and more.

To access this menu, simply press the "Menu System" button located on the right side of the mini-map.




In this section, you can configure your account settings, login commands, and chat channels.

Important: These settings are saved to the account, so they apply to all characters on your account.

Login Commands

  • Autoloot [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable autolooting monster drops.
  • NoKS [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable kill steal protection.
  • Show EXP [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable real-time gaining EXP info.
  • Show EXP Mastery [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable real-time gaining Mastery EXP info.


  • Last Teleport [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable last teleport location in the mini-map.
  • Voice System [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable voice system in your client.
  • Hide from Drop Announce [ON/OFF]
    • Hide your nick from rare drop announce.
  • Teleport Menu [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable Teleport Menu from skill Teleport at Lv 1.
  • New Refine UI [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable the new refine UI. If disabled you will use the old refinement system.
  • Healer Confirmation [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable NPC Healer confirmation usage.
  • Listen Pets [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable pet talking texts and emotions in your client.
  • Listen BG [ON/OFF]
    • Enable/Disable Battlegrounds announces in your client.


  • #main [ON/OFF]
    • Global channel (only english allowed).
  • #recruit [ON/OFF]
    • looking for group and guild channel.
  • #trade [ON/OFF]
    • Trade/selling/buying channel.

In this section, you can configure your character parameters.

Note: Work in progress.

Voice Type

You can set the type of voice your character has.

Currently there are 3 voice types that you can acquire through Cash Shop.

In this section, you can check your VIP Status to see the remaining time.


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