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There are 2 ways to change your job in RagnaHeim, in this article we will show you what these methods are and what benefit each one has.


Job Master

Job Master is undoubtedly the fastest option but the one that brings the least benefits. The Job Master function is to change your job instantly in exchange for a sum of money (as long as you meet the required level).

Job Master's fees:

  • First Class: 5,000z
  • Second Class: 350,000z
  • Rebirth: 1,500,000z

Note VIP users have 50% discount.

Job Master is located in the Main Office.

Job Change Quest

Performing the job change quest is the original and traditional way. In RagnaHeim we reward the players who complete this quest.

By completing a job change quest you get the following:

First Class

Item Amount
11501.png Light White Potion 100
11502.png Light Blue Potion 50
14532.png Battle Manual 25% 2
Job Item
Swordsman 2766.png Swordman Figure [0]
Magician 2768.png Mage Figure [0]
Archer 2769.png Archer Figure [0]
Acolyte 2767.png Acolyte Figure [0]
Merchant 2771.png Merchant Figure [0]
Thief 2770.png Thief Figure [0]
Taekwon Boy/Girl 2766.png Swordman Figure [0]
Gunslinger 2769.png Archer Figure [0]
Ninja 2770.png Thief Figure [0]
Super Novice 2765.png Novice Figure [0]
13040.png Novice Cutter [3]
1639.png Novice Rod [3]

Note Figures can obtain random bonuses from Item Rarity System. Super Novice weapons will be +0 but Epic Rarity.

Second Class

Item Amount
11501.png Light White Potion 150
11502.png Light Blue Potion 75
12208.png Battle Manual 50% 2

Additionally if you complete the job change quest at Job Level 50 you will be rewarded with an Epic Rarity Weapon +5.

Job Item
Knight 1162.png Broad Sword [2]
Priest 1551.png Bible [2] (MATK)
Wizard 1611.png Arc Wand [2]
Blacksmith 1358.png Buster [2]
Hunter 1718.png Hunter Bow [0]
Assassin 1251.png Jur [3]
Crusader 1464.png Halberd [2]
Monk 1810.png Claw [2]
Sage 1551.png Bible [2] (MATK)
Rogue 1220.png Gladius [3]
Alchemist 1358.png Buster [2]
Bard 1714.png Gakkung Bow [1]
Dancer 1714.png Gakkung Bow [1]
Star Gladiator 1551.png Bible [2] (ATK)
Soul Linker 1611.png Arc Wand [2]

Note Items received are Character Bound.

Job Helper

To make life easier for players we have added the NPC Job Helper located in the Main Office.


This NPC will allow you to teleport to the starting map of the quest and it will also leave you a link with the Quest Guide.

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