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To attract new guilds to the server and give them a little boost, we've introduced the Guild Pack system, which provides a substantial number of valuable items.


  • Minimum 12 Active Members.
  • Guild created in-game.

Individual Pack Content

The following items are given individually to each guild member:

x1 2289.png Poo Poo Hat
x1 2315.png Chain Mail [1] or x1 2322.png Silk Robe [1]
x1 2528.png Wool Scarf [1] or x1 2504.png Muffler [1]
x1 2115.png Valkyrja’s Shield [1] or x1 2102.png Guard [1]
x1 2424.png Tidal Shoes [1] or x1 2402.png Sandals [1]

Random Option: Demi-Human, Fish and Formless Experience +5%

x2 2624.png Glove [1] or x2 2621.png Ring [1]

Random Option: Demi-Human, Fish and Formless Experience +5%

x1 4105.png Marc Card or x1 4141.png Evil Druid Card
x1 4045.png Horn Card or x1 4058.png Thara Frog Card
x1 4097.png Matyr Card or x1 4381.png Green Ferus Card
x2 4064.png Zerom Card or x1 4064.png Zerom Card and 4044.png Smokie Card
x1 4334.png Noxious Card or x1 4133.png Raydric Card
x10 14533.png Battle Manual 100%
x10 14533.png Job Manual 100%
500 Kafra Points

Note: Equipment and Cards are Account Bounded. When you insert a bounded card into a normal gear, the item will become account bounded.

Guild Pack Content

The following items are given to the Guild Master:

x1 1228.png Combat Knife
x1 2357.png Valkyrian Armor [1]
x1 mHqDK8r.gif Character Level Up 90/50
x1 mHqDK8r.gif [Hard Mode] Hunter Lv 60/1

Note: Equipment are Guild Bounded. Character Level Up and Hard Mode Hunter can be only used in Novice job.

How to request

To request the Guild Pack you must open a ticket on our Discord server.