Bullet Crafting

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Bullet Crafting (also known as Making Bullet), it's a custom skill from Gunslinger class original from RagnaHeim. This skill can be learned through Quest.


Craft bullets from an specific item. This skill cannot be used under overweight (50% weight).


The NPC of the quest can be found at the entrance of the Gunslinger Guild, in Einbroch.


The NPC will ask us for the following items: 7317.png Rusty Screw x30 7312.png Jubilee x50 1032.png Maneater Blossom x5


Material Result
998.png Iron 100 Bullets
999.png Steel 1500 Bullets
911.png Scell 8 Bullets
1043.png Orc Claw 10 Bullets
922.png Orc's Fang 30 Bullets, 10 Earth Bullets
1027.png Porcupine Quill 60 Bullets, 30 Earth Bullets
1018.png Mole's Claw 40 Bullets, 60 Earth Bullets
7069.png Destroyed Armor 150 Bullets
7318.png Old Pick 150 Bullets
7319.png Used Iron Plate 250 Bullets
7323.png Battered kettle 50 Bullets
757.png Rough Elunium 200 Bullets
1021.png Dokebi Horn 30 Bullets, 2 Blind Bullets
7221.png Tangled Chains 40 Bullets, 50 Blind Bullets
990.png Red Blood 200 Flare Bullets
994.png Flame Heart 600 Flare Bullets
7035.png Matchstick 2500 Flare Bullets
7068.png Burnt Tree 200 Flare Bullets
7097.png Burning Heart 100 Flare Bullets
7098.png Burning Coal 80 Flare Bullets
991.png Crystal Blue 200 Ice Bullets
995.png Mystic Frozen 600 Ice Bullets
717.png Blue Gemstone 30 Ice Bullets
956.png Gill 100 Ice Bullets
7066.png Ice Cubic 100 Ice Bullets
7561.png Glacial Heart 80 Ice Bullets
992.png Wind of Verdure 200 Lightning Bullets
996.png Rough Wind 600 Lightning Bullets
7263.png Cat's Eye 150 Lightning Bullets
1057.png Moth Dust 50 Lightning Bullets
993.png Green Live 200 Earth Bullets
997.png Great Nature 600 Earth Bullets
715.png Yellow Gemstone 30 Earth Bullets
7511.png Rune of Darkness 200 Shadow Bullets
923.png Tooth Of Bat 1 Shadow Bullet
957.png Decayed Nail 1 Shadow Bullet
958.png Horrendous Mouth 5 Shadow Bullets
1003.png Coal 8 Shadow Bullets
923.png Evil Horn 20 Shadow Bullets
7019.png Loki's Whisper 1000 Shadow Bullets
7023.png Blade Lost In Darkness 200 Shadow Bullets
7210.png Armor Piece Of Dullahan 150 Shadow Bullets
7315.png Dark Crystal Fragment 60 Shadow Bullets
7340.png Will Of Darkness 100 Shadow Bullets
7752.png Clattering Skill 50 Shadow Bullets
912.png Zargon 30 Silver Bullets
2332.png Silver Robe(0) 500 Silver Bullets
2333.png Silver Robe(1) 1000 Silver Bullets
937.png Venom Canine 1 Poison Bullet
959.png Stinky Scale 1 Poison Bullet
7155.png Poisonous Toad Skin 50 Poison Bullets
7316.png Insect Leg 50 Poison Bullets
7566.png Will Of Red Darkness 250 Poison Bullets